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Investment In Race Horse Retirement at Parting Glass Racing

At Parting Glass Racing, we are committed to an  investment in racing horse retirement. Part of owning a racehorse includes ensuring they enjoy a safe, healthy, and fulfilling post-racing retirement. Most of us who race horses get attached to them and don't think of horses as simply a tradable commodity. Our horses become part of our family and part of the Parting Glass Racing heritage. Often given cute nicknames, we follow their racing careers and celebrate their thoroughbred racing accomplishments.

Under the direction of Tom Gallo, PGR and the Parting Glass team supports several advocacy and retirement organizations such as ReRun and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, who are dedicated to facilitating a racehorse retirement that is safe and dignified for all thoroughbreds no longer being used for racing or breeding purposes. These organizations have raised millions of dollars for and immeasurable awareness about treatment of our industry's animals in retirement.

Parting Glass Racing has a proven track record in its mission to carefully place our racehorses after they have retired from the racetrack. Young retired fillies are turned out in green fields until they are sold as broodmare prospects to qualified and responsible buyers. Other fillies and colts find new homes at local riding stables or 4H programs, or are donated to one of the reputable retirement organizations previously mentioned.  Here is a sampling of some of the PGR horses who have been happily retired to new careers or retirement homes:

  • Jet Pass & One Talented Pro: Retired to a PGR members' farm in upstate New York, where they spend their days eating grass and frolicking with barn mates.
  • Bubba Sparks: Donated to Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, where he is cared for by prisoners as part of a prison therapy and rehabilitation program.
  • Big Red Spring & Pouf Positve: Retired from the racetrack in 2008 and currently seeking adoption!
  • Ms. Readiness: Retired to a PGR members' farm where she became a broodmare.
  • Christina's Melody: Sold to Tom Gallo and became a broodmare residing at Blue Stone Farm.
  • Cute Cognac: Sold at the February Fasig-Tipton sale as a broodmare prospect.

Our members are also passionate about the safe retirement of racehorses and often select PGR as their horse racing partnership because of our commitment to this cause.  Here is what they have to say:

BettyAnn:  "The reason that I am associated with PGR is because of the love and care our horses continue to receive even AFTER they are no longer racing.  Not only do our horses get excellent care while at the track, but one of the things that PGR does is make every effort to be sure our horses have a happy home after their racing career is over.  One of our horses has been retired to TRF and the horses that were part of the very first PGR partnership, (Jet Pass and One Talented Pro) are spending their after race days, grazing and enjoying a very pampered life on the horse farm of two wonderful people who were also part of that original partnership. PGR is a group of very unique people and we will continue to educate and advocate for legislation to put an end to the slaughter houses."

Sally:  "Tom Gallo has the best interests of our horses at heart. To not do so would certainly be counterproductive to both their racing careers and in maintaining a racing partnership as successful as PGR. When our horses racing careers are concluded he goes the extra distance to see that they are provided with good homes. He actually has quite a few of them himself on his own farm.  Our partners are not at all ignorant of what has and can happen to horses involved in racing. Every horse that we start in a race is a part of the Ferdinand Fund which is instrumental in supporting the safe retirement for all thoroughbreds off the track.  We would certainly not entertain the possibility of being involved with a racing partnership that would send any of its horses to slaughter or unfit homes."
PGR also advocates for The Jockey Club's incorporation of a check-off box on every thoroughbred horse's registration application that would include, voluntarily, breeder contact information on the formal registration papers.  By checking the box, the breeder indicates his or her willingness to be contacted upon the horse's retirement in order to have the opportunity to arrange and/or pay for the retired horse to be transported back to the breeder's farm or to its designee.

We believe that the idea of a safe racehorse retirement must became the norm, not the exception, for these wonderful animals that provide us all a very good living, along with the thrills and excitement that make thoroughbred racing  and owning a racehorse such a great sport and so much fun. With almost 36,000 thoroughbreds being born every year, the United States will soon have a surplus of horses, and Parting Glass Racing hopes to continue our investment in racing horse retirement, and work toward finding a permanent solution for the happy and safe retirement of thoroughbred racehorses everywhere. 

ReRun presents Moneighs TM
to several PGR owners as part
of our annual Holiday Party fundraiser to benefit retired thoroughbreds and other
equine industry non-profit organizations.

Making an investment in racing horse retirement!

“I had a little dream to be a part of it…and Tom’s honesty was refreshing.”

- PGR Member Carol

Parting Glass Racing supports the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Everybody’s been nice, the meetings are informative, you can ask questions, and the trainers are wonderful!”

- PGR Member Glory

Parting Glass Racing takes an active interest in the wellbeing of retired racehorses

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