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Thursday was a muddy mess at the Spa after all that rain. 2 winner's from Top Selections did score. Main theme of the day was that awful word "Seconditus" as 5 tops ran second, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 1 Trifecta Box & 2 Superfecta Boxes were selected. Track Bias was a tricky thing on Thursday as the first 4 races were won by horses who stalked or closed for the win. The last 5 races of the day were all front end speed winner's. More rain over night has caused Turf racing to be moved to the main track again today. Lets see if we can select a few winner's today so players will have bullets to fire on Saturday, Travers Day. Speaking of the Travers as if we need to get our blood flowing a little check out this video history of the race.


Now for the Friday Selections (8/22) by the Snake.


1.) 3-5-2


2.) 3-8-2-5


3.) 6-1-2-3


4.) 1.1A-7-3-6


5.) 4-2-3-5


6.) 10-1-6-11 Off Turf


7.) 1-3-9-11


8.) 3-5-4-6 Dirt Value Play # 3 Tequila Hero at 30-1. Bombs away for us as we take this Finger Lakes shipper for Trainer Lecesse. Once again when playing bombers like this we don't need to win to make some serious cash, anywhere in the number and this horse keys the payoff's. Has a low mud number which actually helps the odds. Grandfather is the horse Fusaichi Pegasus who I believe had a little something to do with a Belmont Stakes winner (Ruler On Ice) in the mud. I was a witness to that win thanks to a nice local couple that donated tickets they won to me who are PGR Partners.


9.) 6-5-7-1


10.) 5-3-10-9 Off Turf 


11.) 8-11-10-2 Off Turf


Selections by the Snake.


Wednesday produced 3 winner's from Top Selections. Wednesday's theme was Forego in honor of a friend of mine and one of my former supervisor's (a top notch one by the way). He is biggest fan of the war horse Forego I know. Anybody who is not familiar with Forego should google the race horse and be sure to check out how much weight they used to make him carry in Handicap races. You might be amazed compared to today. Check out this link.     

In the 7th yesterday that friend of mine Tom C. was all over the Trifecta Box I selected and was very happy to cash that ticket. Thanks for following me Tom and also for the kind words. 1 Exacta , 1 Daily Double and 1 Super Box were also selected on Wednesday. 3 tops also ran second. Sanctify fought on for a hard earned second place finish on Wednesday for PGR. Mother nature rolled in to town last night offering up a deluge of rain that continued into this morning forcing the first race a Jumpers race to be canceled until Monday at 1pm. All other Turf races have been moved to the main track for Thursday.

Now for the Thursday Selections (8/21) by the Snake.


2.) 2-6-3

3.) 3-7-1-2

4.) 8-3-6 Off Turf

5.) 8-5-14-10 Off Turf

6.) 3-2-1-5

7.) 1-7-2-5

8.) 7-5-1-6 Off Turf

9.) 1-8-11-2 Off Turf  Dirt Value Play # 1 Neck of the Moon at 5-1. Trainer C. Brown legs up JOck. Castellano for this off the turfer race. Should sit a good trip in here and might get over looked a little in the wagering. Lets hope so as we want 7-2 or better off the May freshening.

10.) 1-7-10-9 Off Turf

Selections by the Snake.


Monday produced 3 Winner's from the Top Selections making 80 winners selected so far for the meet. Our value play in the 5th got the odds we wanted but not the ride. Johnny V. will not be adding this one to his video resume anytime soon. Jump race to start the card today so first Post is 12:25pm. Looked high and low for some value today and was hard pressed to come up with anything. Sometimes you just have to take what the races are kind enough to give up. l see numerous short priced winners today. Our friends at PGR have # 6 Sanctify going in the third race at 3-1. He moves up a notch in class today and adds blinkers after the very explosive win last out at Toga July 26 at 5-1. Adding blinkers off a win is kind of an odd change you don't see very often but I'm sure Trainer Mott knows what he's doing. Best of luck to all the Partners of Sanctify!


Now for the Wednesday Selections (8/20) by the Snake.


1.) 5-7-4-6 Jumpers


2.) 2-7-6-8


3.) 6-5-3-7 Turf


4.) 3-5-2-6


5.) 8-6-5-3


6.) 7-4-3-2


7.) 8-9-4-2 Turf


8.) 10-5-3-4 Turf


9.) 6-7-5-1 Turf


10.) 1-7-5-2


Selections by the Snake.


Sunday had some serious fireworks right in the 1st race. Our place selection scored at 17-1, coming in second was our show selection at 14-1, third was our top selection. Those clever enough to box the Trifecta were handsomely rewarded with $1354. Maybe you are not a Trifecta player, Exacta players who boxed the top 3 selections scored for over $400. Congrats go out to Mike Do.,Chris H., & Bettyann for being brave enough to play some longshots and yes they were rewarded. Double players who were smart enough to go 2 deep in the first 2 races were also rewarded with a Daily double of $166. Just 1 winner was selected on top Sunday at that was in the 7th race when our top won at 5-1, we turned that into 23-1 shot when our place selection did run second making the excata $49.60 Speaking of the 7th Ray Sr. crushed it! On the day 5 place selections won,3 tops ran second, 2 place ran second, 2 exacta boxes were selected along with 1 super Box. Neither of the 2 value plays had right the odds for us so money should have been saved. 1st race today is a Jump Race at 12:25, this race was canceled last week and brought back today.

Now for the Monday Selections (8/18) by the Snake.


1.) 1-2-5-8 Hurdles


2.) 6-3-7-5


3.) 2-6-3-1 Turf


4.) 1-2-4-7


5.) 5-4-9-11 Turf Value Play # 5 Double Whammy at 5-1. Actually been waiting for this runner for sometime as he has not been seen since January. Drops in class for Trainer Pletcher off the layoff, claim sign is out and could very well be claimed and living in a new barn after this race. The connections know this so they should be on go for today. We get regular Pletcher rider J. Velasquez. Other big name trainer's have runner's also dropping in class for this and hopefully this will help spread the wagering in where most times Pletcher is over bet. Looking for 4-1 or better for this play, watch the board. 


6.) 5-6-3-10 Turf


7.) 7-3-2-5


8.) 10-1-9-7 Turf


9.) 2-5-1-6


10.) 4-2-5-6 Turf


Selections by the Snake.


Saturday was quite the day at the races. 4 top selections got the money, in the process we swept the last 3 races of the day producing 2 Daily Doubles, the best being $48. the late Pick3 at $163. Highest win price of the day came in the finale for us at $21.40  Earlier in the card we had given out a Turf Value Play bomber in the 4th race that went off 26-1, he finished a respectable second but was disqualified to third for a bumping incident in the stretch, still the value was there as he keyed a Trifecta that paid $1682. and Superfecta that paid $8926. HELLO!  Word was out on our other value play of the day as he opened up at 6-5 off the M/L of 6-1, did drift up a little to 3-2 but way off the odds of 7-2 I suggested for the play. Money should have been saved there as the horse did lose. 2 tops also ran second. A few rain drops are in the area so stay tuned for changes if needed.


Now for the Sunday Selections (8/17) by the Snake.


1.) 9-1-7-5 Turf


2.) 4-2-3-5


3.) 7-3-5-6 Turf


4.) 1-4-3-5


5.) 7-3-2-8


6.) 2-7-5-1 Turf Value Play # 2 Vecino at 5-2. This one is a little tricky as the M/L is only 5-2. Normally M/L 5-2 shots will go down in odds come race time. I don't think this one will and I'm counting on it for the play. This horse does take a rise in class for this start off the win last time out but faces no killers in here. 4 consecutive raising Beyers Speed Figs. Biggest factor for taking this runner is he beat the track bias last out. So with all that said we want close to 3-1 for the play, watch the board.


7.) 4-2-8-7 Turf


8.) 6-1-10-9 Dirt Value Play # 6 Evening Show at 4-1. Second off the layoff for shipping trainer Klesaris, lures Jock. Rosario rt back. Lightly raced 5 year old has only 10 starts lifetime. Don't think they are here for the water. Blinkers come off for this, all systems on go, love to get 4-1 or better.


9.) 6-1-2-5


10.) 5-4-3-7 Turf


11.) 10-2-9-1 Turf


Selections by the Snake.


Saturday Selections (8/16) - early edition before scratches - by the Snake.


1.) 2-1,1A-6-7


2.) 10-9-4-7 Turf


3.) 6-4-5 Turf


4.) 4-3-10-2 Turf Value Play # 4 Vision Perfect at 20-1. Debuts for Trainer Donk who is sneaky good on the weeds. Hungry young rider Franco gets the mount.Other big name Trainer's in here should take the bulk of the wagering which could juice up our value if we can get this runner in the number somewhere. Long string of consistent works point me here along with that M/L of 20-1. Bombs away!


5.) 1-5-4-7


6.) 8-7-6-4 Dirt Value Play # 8 Zennor at 6-1. Going with another first timer for value in here. Jock. JL Ortiz lands here for Trainer McLaughlin who has put 4 consecutive speedy works into this charge leading up to the race. Comes from deep pocket connections and could be any kind of runner. 6-1 could be a dream, lets hope for 7-2 or better.


7.) 1-9-8-6 Turf


8.) 4-5-10-2


9.) 14-2-3-5-10


10.) 8-1-9-6


11.) 7-4-9-1 Turf 


Selections by the Snake.


Thursday mother nature gave us a break with racing resuming on all surfaces. We started the day off with a bang catching the Exacta Box with the jumpers at $34.80 Winning Top Selections started in the second which was our Dirt Value play plus the Exacta and by the end of the day we had a total of 5 Winner's on top. 2 tops also ran second with one heart breaker in the 8th when we were nipped at 9-2. It wasn't a heart breaker for one follower who sent me this note."Snake! Fantastic day! Your pick in the 8th #2 with mine #7! $5 EXB = Yahtzee. Thanks for sending your picks. glad Kathy H. gave you my email. Love your picks and commentary as always! Thanks  Dominick M." Email is not the only way you can get my Selections, all you have to do is go to our friends at Parting Glass Racing web site and click on the box that says "read our newsletter" That should take you right to Snakes Handicapping Corner. Don't forget to check out the other stuff on their site. Speaking of PGR they have one going in todays 10th race at Toga, # 5 Echluath at 20-1. We swept races 5,6,& 7 on Thursday producing 2 Doubles and a Pick3. Lets see if we can keep the mojo going on Friday after the 5 Bagger on Thursday.


Now for the Friday Selections (8/15) by the Snake.


1.) 4-6-1-3 Turf


2.) 4-2-1-5


3.) 1-8-3-5 Turf


4.) 4-2-3-5


5.) 7-3-2-8 Turf Value Play # 7 Vischer Ferry at 5-1. Turns back from 1 1/16 for a Turf sprint of 5 1/2 for this. Speed Jock. Solis is aboard for the ride and is a front end specialist. If we can get the front early it will be a down the road speed show hopefully. Third start off the layoff for this and raced against the track bias last time, if Turf is speed favoring today all the better for us. 4-1 for us.


6.) 7-2-1,1A-5


7.) 8-10-1-6 Turf


8.) 3-5-2-4 Turf


9.) 3-6-5-1 Dirt Value Play # 3 Weekend Hideaway at 6-1.A slight jump up in effort puts this runner right in the mix, looks razor sharp right now for Trainer Serpe and Jock. Lezcano. Should sit a stalking trip and pounce when it counts. Money showed last time and rolled at 3-2, we will get bigger odds today with the slight rise in class. 5-1 watch the board.


10.) 9-7-8-5 Turf


Selections by the Snake.


Wednesday was a muddy mess after all that rain and no Turf racing was held. 2 Winner's from top Selections, the most interesting was the third race winner. Remember my report from Aug.8 where when being led to the gate a entry decided to jump the fence scattering back stretch patrons. Well she was entered back yesterday and we selected her to get the job done. Maybe it was an omen when the first race was canceled so she couldn't see the jumpers going up and over the hurdles pre her race so a repeat of the last fiasco was less apt to happen. She broke from the gate right to the front and did not look back easily winning at a generous $10.40 Thanks Desert Valentine! 2 tops also ran second & 2 place selections won. 1 Exacta Box & 1 Super Box were selected. Both value plays from Wednesday simply stunk. Racing for Thursday is back on the Turf as of right now.


Now for the Thursday Selections (8/14) by the Snake.


1.) 8-4-6-1A Hurdles


2.) 1,1A-4-2-3 Dirt Value Play # 1 & 1A the entry of  Flapper Girl & Sky Crew at 3-1. I hesitate to give out an entry as value but I keep coming back to these horses. Flapper Girl is a first timer to the races and has 4 workouts that jump out at me, back in June a bullet out of 16 & then a 3/50 at 4 panels, 2 good July works also say ready to me. We also get Sky Crew second time out from a 9 month layoff, drops in class for first time for this and could be much tighter now. We do want that 3-1 or better.


3.) 7-3-6-1 Turf


4.) 3-5-1,1A-6 


5.) 9-8-3-10


6.) 4-3-7


7.) 4-6-2-7 Turf


8.) 2-6-1-5


9.) 5-2-8-6 Turf Value Play # 6 A Prettydixie at 15-1. Favorite in here looks very tough to beat. Our horse could spice things up at big odds. Seldom takes much wagering and for sure will be over looked today. Could be rounding toward a peak and a slight jump up in effort puts her in the number at hopefully closer to 25-1 than the M/L of 15-1. Use her underneath to the big favorite.


10.) 6-8-3-1


Selections by the Snake.


Monday produced 2 Winner's from top selections with the fourth race running 1,2,3. Hitting the Exacta and Trifecta. Another nice comment came in on Monday, this time from Chris H."Making some bets with Raymond Purdy's picks today. He's been on FIRE lately!" Thanks Chris. The day really belonged to my friend Cocky who scored on back to back days. Using my place selection in the 5th who won and a bomber of his own in the 7th he turned $27. into $2700. SCORE! Then he and my dad scored in the finale where my selections produced the Superfecta Box. 1 other Super Box was selected in the third race. Mother nature has made a wet appearance so the 1st. race, the Hurdle Race has been canceled. Only Turf race still on as of right now is the 9th, all others are off. Stay tuned for updates today


Now for the Wednesday Selections (8/13) by the Snake.


1.) Canceled Jump Race


2.) 5-6-2-4


3.) 7-2-3-6


4.) 6-4-2-10 Off Turf, Dirt Value Play # 6 Revealing Moment at 8-1. Claimed last out off the win but only takes a slight rise in class for this. Looks to be razor sharp right now and love that they leave her in after race being taken off the turf. Jock. W. Garcia is riding a goose egg for wins at the meet and lets hope than changes today. After scratches I don't think 8-1 is a reality so we will adjust but still need 5-2 or better, watch the board.


5.) 9-5-3-1


6.) 12-13-14-1 Off Turf


7.) 4-2-5-1


8.) 14-9-2 Off Turf, Dirt Value Play #14 Wisdom of Oz at 4-1. Entered for Main Track Only and could sneak in there for some value. Numbers look a little light which should help our price. Trainer and Jock not well known so this should also help the odds. Love the grandmother (Pentelicus) of this horse which is why I land here. Field looks very weak. Scratched down to a field of 6 so again the odds will be lower, 5-2 or better for us


9.) 2-6-7-1 Turf    If Race goes to Dirt 5-7


10.) 3-4-9-8


Selections by the Snake.


Sunday was a little frustrating at times but we got out in the finale with a $15. winner on top. Ray Sr. once again was on the Exacta which paid over $180. Over all 2 tops won. The 6th race had all the magic going for it as they finished like the report had them drawn up(3-6-9). This race was all Kurt and his friend who just happened to drop in for a race or two and their timing could not have been better as they hit the Exacta. Here is a quote from Kurt from a nice note he sent me.
"I think my friend thinks I have an over sized ATM across the street.  We toasted you at dinner on Broadway!"
4 tops also ran second on Sunday with the high light being the 7th where my friend "Cocky" invested $30. Using my top and two of his own in a Trifecta Box scoring for over $2,200. HELLO!  3 place selections also won. 1 Exacta, Triple, Super Box, and 2 Exacta Boxes were also selected.  Big congrats to a gentlemen from the Glens Falls area who was reported to have cashed out Sunday for over 100K taking down the Pick6 and late PIck4 among other wagers, well done! Lets get some winner's today before that damp weather rolls into town later in the week.

Now for the Monday Selections (8/11) by the Snake.

1.) 4-1-7-2

2.) 2-1-6-8 Turf

3.) 1-5-6-3

4.) 9-1-7-11 Turf

5.) 1-7-2-4 Dirt Value Play # 1 Seeker at 5-1. Claimed last start back in June for 16K and entered right back for the 16K. Speaking of that last start, he was against the bias that day and might get over looked in here somewhat as others appear that they will take the bulk of the wagering. 4-1 or better.

6.) 6-5-3-1

7.) 8-3-4-2 Turf

8.) 3-2-10-9 Turf

9.) 3-6-7-5 Turf Value Play # 3 bolt From the Blue at 6-1. Lets see if we can end the day like Sunday. This one drops down from those Maiden Special Weights to Maiden Claimers for Trainer Bush. Lightly raced 4 yearold could be ready to pop after facing better back in June when racing against the track bias. Hungry Jock. Rocco has the mount and price should be a square one. 4-1 or better he's ours.

Saturday produced just 1 winner from the top selections. There was still money to be made as 3 exacta boxes were selected, the best paying $54. Both value plays ran second one of which was 9-1 and was bested by a 3-2 shot, speaking of that Saturday 6th race Trent was all over it. 3 tops also ran second along with 4 place selections running second. 3 place selections also won. Hopefully Sunday will produce some more exactas like the ones Todd and his all female posse were able to cash last Sunday. This report is going out before scratches so adjust accordingly.

Now for the Sunday (8/11) Selections by the Snake.

1.) 6-7-3-5

2.) 5-10-7-1 Turf

3.) 5-1-3-6

4.) 3-7-8-2 Turf

5.) 4-7-5-8 Turf

6.) 3-6-9-8 Turf

7.) 2-9-6-3

8.) 12-7-1-8 Turf Value Play # 12 Part at 6-1. This one drops a slight notch for Trainer Tagg who is dangerous when dropping. Has been known to take his time winding up his charges and this one looks like he's been tightening the screws for this. Should come running late and should be a square price in here.  We want the 6-1 or better for the play, watch the board.

9.) 3-5-6-1

10.) 3-1-6-10

11.) 11-1-2-6-3

Selections by the Snake.

Here are the Friday Selections (8/8) by the Snake:

1.) 7-2-5-6

2.) 5-4-1A-7 Turf

3.) 6-1,1A-2

4.) 8-7-1-9 Turf

5.) 2-5-8-6 Turf Value Play # 2 Chasing Paradise at 5-1. Ran huge last time out from 10 post racing wide most of trip. Biggest factor for me though is that she raced against track bias last out which I love. Jock. J. Alvarado sticks for Trainer Kingsley. 4 Consecutive rising Beyers, 1 more step forward puts her in the winners circle. The favorite # 5 looks like it might get over bet for popular connections. Can we get the 5-1? Doubtful. Lets hope for 4-1 or better.

6.) 2-1-6 Dirt Value Play # 2 Lieutenant Seany O at 3-1. Drops in class for cold Trainer Jacobson. Stretches out in distance for this but I don't think that will be a factor for Jock C. Velasquez. Don't usually lean toward him for plays but I think this one has to be looked at very seriously. # 5  & # 7 have scratched so 3-1 is a dream on our horse. 2-1 might even be a dream now.

7.) 4-5-8-9 Turf

8.) 3-8-10-4 Turf

9.) 7-6-1-5 Turf

10.) 6-2-7-9

Selections by the Snake.

Here are the Saturday Selections (8/9):

1.) 4-7-5-6 Dirt Value Play # 4 Wraith at 4-1. Wheels right back after a big effort here at Toga on July 21st. Was bet that day down to 5-2 so our 4-1 could be out of reach but I can't help but lean this direction as 2 others look to take money, hopefully giving us a little value. The 2 that look to take money are both moving up in class facing winner's for the first time, toughest raise in class in racing.  3-1 she's all ours.

2.) 7-6-8-5

3.) 3-5-7-9 Turf

4.) 8-2-3-6

5.) 4-8-1,1A-5

6.) 9-7-8-10 Turf Value Play # 9 King of New York(lets hope so) at 12-1. This horse will get totally over looked in here and could be closer to 30-1. Trainer is very sneaky and can put one over once awhile. Steady works for this after being purchased in March for 30 times the sire fee of $10,000. Jockey Prado is starving for a win at this meet and anywhere in the number for us gets us paid. Bombs away!

7.) 7-4-3-5

8.) 10-6-1-2 Turf

9.) 6-10-12-2 Turf

10.) 1-3-2-5 Turf

11.) 7-6-5-3 Turf

Selections by the Snake.


Now for the Friday Selections (8/1) by the Snake.

1.) 8-1-4-6 Dirt Value Play # 8 Royal Posse at 5-1. Takes biggest drop in racing from Maiden Special Weights to Maiden Claimer's. Our man Jockey Jose Ortiz gets a leg up from Trainer Contessa. Raced against track bias last out. Should get over looked some what in the wagering and he faces a favorite who is 0-18. 19th start may be the one but not with my money at short odds. 4-1 or better make # 8 Royal Posse our play.

2.) 3-6-1-7 Turf

3.) 6-7-4-3

4.) 4-6-2-5

5.) 7-1-9-2

6.) 7-4-2

7.) 10-8-1-5 Turf

8.) 4-6-3-11 Turf Value Play # 4 Call Me West at 8-1. Ships in from Arlington off a Maiden Claimer score at even money. Last 2 starts show marked improvement and now they ship here, bodes confidence. Don't see any monsters in here. Another who might get over looked in the wagering spicing up the value. 5-1 or better, watch the board.

9.) 3-10-8-6 Turf

10.) 6-12-7-2 Turf  

Selections by the Snake.


Now for the Saturday Selections (8/2) by the Snake.


1.) 8-12-1-2 Turf


2.) 6-7-4-3


3.) 8-4-5-3 Turf 


4.) 10-5-3-9 Turf Value Play # 10 Tokyo Time at 7-2. Looks well placed for third start off the bench for Trainer McGaughey and Jock. Castellano. Should be in the cat bird seat from the outside post setting up for a stalking trip. Hope we get over looked because of the post but we will not be looking for the odds to go up from the morning line. Watch the board, 5-2 or better send it in.


5.) 1-4-7-6


6.) 2-11-4-12 Turf


7.) 8-7-6-2 Turf


8.) 8-5-1-2


9.) 5-9-10-7 Dirt Value Play # 5 Southern Honey at 4-1. Last raced in May and comes in here off a three race win streak.  Razor sharp right now. Does move up in class for this and hopefully that will help our price. Ships in from Kentucky for this.  Rider Leparoux sticks for Trainer Arnold. We want all of the 4-1 for the play, watch the board.


10.) 5-4-6-3


11.) 4-12-5-6 Turf` 


Hope you enjoy the Selections by the Snake.

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