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With a thoroughbred horse racing partnership from Parting Glass Racing  in Saratoga Springs NY, you can become a horse racing partner and choose your horse from a list of winners! It's easy to join in the fun and excitement that thoroughbred racing partnershps offer, simply call (877) 722-3946 or contact us today for more information!

Dream Extreme, LLC

Alan Porter, our pedigree analyst, gave this mating an A++ rating and that means the blood combination from a genetic stand point has produced multiple superior graded stakes runners. We don't purchase anything unless Alan gives us the green light! 

Maybe that's why this 2yo racing prospect is big and strong and has that "I'll be back" Arnold Schwarzenegger look about him! Even though he is a 2yo he already looks like a 3yo and is training very very well. I mean just look at him, he looks like a monster with a huge shoulder and a huge heart girth.

No matter what anybody says it's air that carries these beasts around the track. They have to take in large volumes of oxygen and expel large volumes of CO 2 to supply all that muscle tissue with oxygenated blood. For that you need a big, perfectly functioning airway and a huge heart to pump the blood and huge lungs to push and pull the mass of air in and out.  That's what gets you to the finish line first, if you can't breathe you can't run. This BIG good looking SOB can run. 

Another thing I like about this horse is his good solid bone. He has tree limbs for legs and, as strong as he is, he floats along the ground like a gazelle. Because of his balance he is very easy on himself and that will keep him sound and should get us a lot of racing fun!

This horse is currently training at Ocala Stud in Ocala, Florida and will be shipping down to Champion and leading trainer Al Stall in Louisiana as soon as he is ready to move to a race track, which should be soon! 

When this horse walks into the saddling paddock he will turn heads and when the gates open he will take names! You will be breathless with excitement!

So email or call us today and request an ownership packet and get in on the excitement and enjoyment of racing in the great state of Louisiana for some great purses and loads of fun!

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