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Thoroughbred Horse Racing Partnerships: PGR Site Map

Discover thoroughbred horse racing: Partnerships are a great way to be a part of the thrills and excitement of the track! The sights, sounds and smells..the energy and the crowds are all reasons why you've dreamed of owning a racehorse, so browse our site and see what it takes to get started with your own racehorse investment:

PGR Thoroughbred Partnerships:

  • History & Strategy: Discover why Parting Glass Racing in Saratoga Springs is a leader in the thoroughbred partnerships industry 
  • The PGR Horse Racing Partnerships Team: Knowledge, experience & a commitment to excellence are what you get with the horse racing professionals at Parting Glass Racing 
  • PGR Trainers: Our team of talented trainers take the mystery out of horse racing ownership. 
  • PGR Members:  Our members know that thoroughbred racing partnerships are all about the thrill and excitement of the track
  • Our Next Meeting: Stay abreast of the latest developments in thoroughbred horse racing during monthly meetings at the Parting Glass Pub in Saratoga Springs. 
  • Current Newsletter: Find news, tips and tidbits on what's happening in the world of  horse racing! Partnership information, industry updates and more.

Racehorse Investment & Ownership:

  • The Process: What's involved in owning a racehorse? 
  • The Perks: Learn about the perks of horse racing partnerships, from preferred parking, to a reserved spot in the Winner's Circle! 
  • F.A.Q.: Questions about thoroughbred racing? Racehorse investment? Our racing partnerships and ownership F.A.Q. page can help! 
  •  Join Now! Contact Parting Glass Racing for more information, news, or to have your questions answered. 
  • Racehorse Retirement: Racehorse ownership includes a responsibility to ensure our animals enjoy a healthy retirement after racing. 

The Action:

  • Photos: Gallery images of winning races, our thoroughbred partnership horses past and present, and some of our current Parting Glass membership.
  • Videos: See our thoroughbred racing winners in action!

Horse Racing Partnership Updates:


  • Racetrack Summary offers the rundown on the tracks where the Parting Glass Racing horses run.


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“I felt
really comfortable
with Tom Gallo.

-PGR Member Steve Faria

Thomas J. Gallo III
with Jorge Velasquez




Joan Desadora
with Richard Migliore




Alan Porter

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