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Race Horse Partnerships: Things to Consider

Interested in learning more about racehorse partnerships? A potential buyer might consider the following when thinking about horse racing ownership and thoroughbred  racing partnerships:

  • How are race horse partnerships structured?  Is it a Limited, General, or Limited Liability Corporation?
  • What is the performance record of the thoroughbred racehorse partnerships management team?
  • Are references from the partnership's members available?
  • Do race horse partnerships provide a direct contact name and phone number for the managing member?
  • How are the thoroughbred racehorse partnerships horses selected and acquired?
  • What are the fees and expenses related to horse racing ownership?
  • Will you pay more expenses in a partnership than you would if you were an individual owner?
  • Does the race horse partnerships manager have realistic expectations?
  • How are fees and expenses tracked?
  • What is the manner and frequency of purse and owners award distributions?
  • Does the horse racing partnership charge (directly or indirectly) for marketing or advertising expenses?
  • Do owners ever get money back?
Our members enjoy their participation in Parting Glass thoroughbred partnerships! Perhaps the most important point to consider when deciding whether to make an investment in racing horse partnerships  take the plunge into horse racing or stay on the sidelines is this:

Wouldn't it be a lot of fun to own a racehorse?

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