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Thoroughbred Horse Racing Videos: See What Horse Racing Ownership is all About!

Thoroughbred horse racing is exciting...the thrills of the race, the crowds, the excitement that permeates the track as your thoroughbred horse nears the finish! Horse racing ownership offers an opportunity to get up close and personal with the horses,  trainers, jockeys, and the entire team at Parting Glass Racing whose love of the sport is evident in everything they do. Check out our videos and our online photo gallery for some breathtaking finishes, and contact us if you want more information on how easy it is to become involved in horse racing ownership!

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Tom Gallo Talks About Racing Parternships (Quicktime, 5MB)
Parting Glass Racing - Radio Spot (MP3)
Interview w/ Tom Gallo on Sirius Radio "At the Races and Beyond" (MP3)


PGR Members Mike Downey,
Joan Downey, Tim Szala
and his daughter

I looked into the different partnerships. When I found out about Parting Glass Racing, I went to Saratoga to meet face to face with Tom. I don’t envision making any money, I just wanted to reduce the amount I lose and enjoy it at the same time. To me, PGR made the most sense.”

-PGR Member Jack Miller

“We loved that Parting Glass Racing was based in our own backyard, and really enjoy the social aspect of the organization, including the monthly meetings.”

-PGR Member
Glenn Schnackenberg

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