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Let's talk about racing. Let's talk about action.

Let's talk about the fun of horse racing partnerships.

Parting Glass Racing offers horse racing partnerships with all that is thoroughbred horse racing: Action. Electricity. The unmatched feeling you get from owning a racehorse, when the adrenaline starts pumping through your veins, your heart starts to pound, and all of a sudden you're not sitting anymore...You're standing. You're jumping. You're screaming and cheering as your horse comes bounding down the stretch toward the finish line! You can become part of the excitement of racehorse ownership with thoroughbred partnerships that give you all that and more!

Parting Glass Racing is all about you, the members. Our horse racing partnerships provide you the opportunity to become a horse owner, in partnership, of a young horse that has been hand-picked by a team of professionals, and has been tested and approved by experienced trainers for thoroughbred race horse partnerships.

  • You will receive weekly updates with workouts, entries, and results.
  • Owning a racehorse partnership means you will have unequaled access to the managing owner by telephone or e-mail whenever you have a question or concern.
  • You will be invited to apply for a horse owner's license using our streamlined process.
  • You will have access to the racetrack backstretch and owner's parking.
  • You will be invited to a monthly member meeting in Saratoga Springs to socialize and have a great time while you are updated on the progress and future plans of your horse and educated by a celebrity guest speaker for an insider's look into the world of thoroughbred racing partnerships and race horse partnerships.

Do you want to get together with friends and racing enthusiasts, exchange ideas, share thrills, and recount stories of triumphs? Do you want to laugh about little failures? Because hey, let's face it, that's how you learn. Do you want to play hard and fast with an expert at your side? You enjoy the thrills of racing. We take care of everything else! Parting Glass Racing is located in the historic racing city of Saratoga Springs NY. We offer an exciting opportunity to enjoy owning a racehorse and the full thoroughbred racehorse ownership privileges that come with it, and learn about everything from who's in the Winner's Circle to racehorse retirement.

Call 1-877- RACE-WIN (722-3946) today, or Contact Us for more information on how you can enter the exciting world of horse racing partnerships!

Parting Glass Racing horse racing partnerships give owners the opportunity to get into the thoroughbred horse racing business with the benefits of minimum risk, maximum purchase power, and the advantages of experienced management. Our partnerships offer the comfort and safety of risk shared equally among a group of investors. The pooled assets of our partnership maximize our ability to purchase high-quality horses that might be unaffordable to a solitary investor. Share an adventure with our team of seasoned veterans of the racing world: talented horse trainers and management who know how to assess the market, select the right prospects, and get the best value for the partnership with a horse racing partnerships team that is second to none.

Watch our newest PGR ad on You Tube!  Created in March 2009 and featuring many Parting Glass Racing members, the commercial has begun to be broadcast on local and regional stations focused on racing programming. 

Parting Glass Racing's newest commercial!

Tom Gallo Talks about Horse Racing Partnerships.

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PGR Member Steve Faria
and daughter Amanda

“...all of a sudden you’re not sitting anymore… You’re screaming and cheering as your horse comes bounding down the stretch toward the finish line...

PGR Members Bob
and Pat Satalich

“You enjoy the thrills of racing. We take care of everything else!”

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